Monday, January 25, 2016

Scenes from my weekend

Incase you live under a rock and didn't know it.... there was a major winter storm that hit the east coast on Friday. We were really unsure of what the weather would do in Wilson but I was hoping for at least a few inches of snow! We woke up friday morning to sleet and slush...not my idea of a winter storm.

 Jack usually goes to school on Friday but since that was cancelled due to the weather we spent the day at home. This is Patricks slow season and he has been spending lots of time at home lately (which we love!).

 making silly faces. He walked around all weekend making this face at me and then cracking up. I love this stage that he is in. He's so much fun!
This happy little nugget is all smiles lately (unless he's which case its terrible)

Friday night was pizza night! Instead of ordering out I decided that it would be fun to make our own pizzas. I'm pretty type A in the kitchen and like things to go a certain way but decided to let Jack help me with the pizzas.
 Notice he is still in his jammies at dinner time...a lazy day indeed!

I gave him his own dough ball and let him go to town. He is really into "my do it!" these days and I am learning the art of patience with a toddler. I could have easily whipped these pizzas up in no time and made half the mess but I decided to be a "yes mom" and let him help. He had the best time adding the cheese and pepperoni to the pizzas and watching them cook. Unfortunately as it always goes he hardly ate any of it..picky toddlers unite!

Saturday we woke up to more snow and ice...but not enough to have fun in, just enough to be annoying. Patrick and I had plans to go to the NC State vs. Duke basketball game. After lots of discussion we decided to take our chances and head to Raleigh. The roads were surprisingly clear and we had a great time at the game.

Unfortunately State lost but it was a great day date!
We are so lucky that Patricks parents are always willing to keep the boys.They have the best time with nana and grandaddy.

Sunday was spent at home. Jack came down with a bad case of pink eye on Saturday. We quarantined ourselves Sunday and watched football and played inside.

I came downstairs from putting Graham down for nap to discover this guy fast asleep on the sofa. He never does this so I knew he must not be feeling great. After an extended nap he woke up feeling much better.

We are so excited that the Panthers are playing in the NFC championship and hope that they will be going to the Superbowl!

I hope you had a great weekend and have a great start to the new week!

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