Monday, July 10, 2017

Weekend Happenings

Happy Monday! First of all, thank ya'll so much for all of your sweet comments and messages about my post on Thursday. I am behind on responding to everyone (per the norm) but I assure you I've read each one of them and appreciate all of the prayers and good wishes. I promise to respond this week!

We had a pretty good weekend, it was fairly low key and nice to not do a lot.

Let me start with Thursday night, since I didn't have a Friday favorites post I wanted to share this. Thursday evening I met up with some girlfriends at our local art studio and painted these darling pineapple door hangers. It was similar to wine and design but much more fun and they actually turned out cute vs my terrible paintings I've done in the past haha!

Friday //

We met some friends at the pool for lunch and an afternoon of swimming. I forgot to take any pictures because I was in the pool the whole time. It's way too hot not to be fully in the water!

Friday night Patrick and I went to dinner with some friends. We went to On the Square which is my favorite restaurant around here. It was so nice to get away and do something.

Saturday //

We did not do a whole lot. Saturday morning Patricks dad picked the boys and Patrick up and they went and had a boys breakfast at the doughnut shop. I enjoyed drinking my coffee and watching the Food network, something I used to always do before kids.

Saturday afternoon we spent hanging around the house. Patrick and Jack worked on fixing Jacks bed which gave me the perfect opportunity to take some picture of Jacks room, the bed was made nicely for once, and I had picked up all the toys and books on the floor.

Saturday evening Patrick and I left the boys with our sitter and went over to visit with his mom, dad and aunt. She had her first round of Chemo on Friday and came home with a 48 hour pump infusion and we didn't want to have the boys around because we weren't sure how she would be feeling. I'm happy to say that as of right now her side effects have been minimal and she's been feeling good! Please keep those prayers coming!


Well the boys decided that they would BOTH wake up at 5:30 am. This never happens, especially with Graham. So by 10:30 I remember thinking that it had to at least be 12:30 and nap time. Needless to say the boys went down for an early nap.

They stayed in their jammies until 4:00 when we took them over to see Patricks parents. Everyone was in good spirits and the boys had fun playing!

We came home and grilled burgers and the boys played in the water table on the porch. In about 5 minutes they were stripped down to their diaper and underpants.

We don't have a ton planned this week, but leave for our family trip the following week so I've got to start getting my act together with packing!

I hope you had a great weekend!

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  1. That pineapple is too cute! Yay for date night (and I love your earrings 😉) and low-key weekends. Love Jack's room and my boys always get practically stripped down when we do the water table, too!

  2. That pineapple is so cute friend! Love it. Looks like you had a pretty great weekend, besides the fluke of an early wake up. I just hate it when the kiddos do that. I hope you have a nice, productive week.

  3. Love your new door hanger! And I saw your IG story Saturday morning about watching Food Network with your coffee and I almost sent you a picture to show you I was doing the exact same thing! It's really relaxing to do that on a Saturday morning! happy Monday!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. Sounds like a great, relaxing weekend full of family! SO glad your MIL is doing as well as she can with the chemo - a blessing!

  5. Love those pineapples!! So cute! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Oh my gosh! I love that door hanger. Perfect for Summer!

  7. I love easy going weekends. I am so glad your MIL is responding to her treatment well and with minimal side effects. I love the pineapple art you did!

  8. I love Jack's room!! I want more home tours, your home looks beautiful! I am SO glad his mom is feeling good. I know it absolutely makes her day to see those precious grandbabies <3

  9. Love the pineapple. Such a cute project. Jacks room looks great too! Lazy weekends are the best. I always like when we have things going on but just relaxing is my favorite.

  10. What a fun weekend y'all had! I went to a paint party Friday night & LOVED it!