Thursday, February 11, 2016

Life with two under two

Now that I've been at this whole mom of 2 for 3 months I feel like I've got a grasp on this new adventure we are on. I want to remember what these first few months were like. I apologize for the novel that is to come. Feel free to scroll through and just look at my cute babies and skip all the reading.

 When you have your first baby your entire world is rocked. The first month of Jacks life was a daze to me. I cried all the time. I had no idea what to do with a baby. I thought, before Jack, that I would be fine with a new baby. I had babysat before. I had 2 nieces and one nephew and babies were my thing. Ha..Jokes on me! Truth is I struggled. Bad. Like when my mom left after that first week I sobbed hysterically and found out she texted my husband telling him not to hesitate to call her and she would come back. I think everyone in my family was worried about me.

Fast forward a few months and I really got things going. Life dare I say it got easier. With each passing month I felt more confident in my role as a mom. After Jack turned one things really got easy. He was predictable, funny, and could start communicating. At this point I was definitely ready for a second.

 My due date with Graham was exactly 13 days after Jack turned 2. Needless to say I was a bit freaked at having two kids under 2 but I was also excited. I just prayed every day that Graham wouldn't come on Jacks birthday. Funny thing is at my 36 OB check up I once again told my Dr. I really didn't want this baby to come on Jacks birthday. She chuckled and said "Lets just set a goal for your actual due date" {I was 6 days over with Jack}. So once again...jokes on me when Graham decided to totally surprise us and come 3 weeks early. 6 days before Jack turned 2! That first week with Graham was a blur. Honestly, it is not one that I love to think back on. There were lots of tubes, and pokes, and blood draws and not a lot of snuggles and holding and loving on my precious new babe. In the back of my mind I was a little nervous about bringing Graham home. I knew how I struggled with Jack and I desperately didn't want to have those same struggles with Graham. With Jack I had both Patrick and my mom at home with me. Due to some unforeseen family things and Grahams early arrival my mom was not able to come right after Graham was born. So it was just Patrick, me, and our 2 babes. {Well..and my AWESOME in-laws!} Seriously..we couldn't have survived without them. They took Jack for a week and were/are so wonderful.

 Fast forward to month 3 with Graham and life is oh so sweet. I didn't have any of the postpartum blues that I had with Jack. While life with 2 was definitely different at first, I really felt at ease with Graham. I wasn't terrified of every noise and move he made (or didn't make). I was able to sleep {with both eyes closed} and didn't worry all night that he was not ok. Despite the crazy hormones that rage through your body after you give birth dare I say it was easy...well, easier that I thought it would be. I owe a big part of that to Patrick. He is my absolute rock. He gets up in the middle of the night to feed Graham. He spent numerous nights pacing the halls holding Graham because that was the only way he would sleep/stop crying. Seriously, Patrick is the bees knees. He is the best husband and daddy and I would not survive without him! {shoutout to good husbands!}

 Other than Patrick I have to give big props to Jack. I had heard horror stories of how toddlers can react when a new baby comes into the picture. I had visions of him wanting to knock Graham over, hitting him, and in general just hating him. This couldn't be farther from the truth. From the moment we brought Graham home he has been smitten. "hold baby gam" are 3 of my favorite words that come out of his mouth. Yes, there have been some trials but for the most part Jack has been the perfect big brother!

 Things I've learned about life with 2 kids..
*inevitable they will both cry at the same time *it is okay to let one cry..even if its your newborn
*a newborn is not as fragile as you in point- when said toddler steps on newborn
 *you will be tired...really really tired *the phrases "no don't touch your brother" "no don't hit your brother" "no you may not stand on your brother" will come out of your mouth multiple times {several times a day in come cases}
*getting your older kid to help out makes them feel important and thus...less likely to want to throw their baby brother out the window
 *there will be hard moments, hours, even days
*trying to get two kids to smile at the same time takes an act of congress
 *you will laugh a lot
*your heart will be so full
*when you see your older child loving on your baby you may feel like your heart might explode
 *the love you have for both kids is infinite

 If you made it to the end of this post without falling asleep I give you major props! I want to remember these times with my babies and writing them down is the best way to do that! Have a happy Thursday! It's almost the weekend...and I hear they may be calling for snow tomorrow{!!!}

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  1. Love it Emily! Our experiences are so similar, I completely understand it all. Except that loving older brother- John William is still not too fond of Jackson. We're getting there, slowly!