Thursday, May 25, 2017

How To Host A Kid Friendly Party

I love having friends over! I think at least once a week we invite someone over for dinner or a play date. Whether its a casual Friday night pizza party with our friends and their kids or an Easter Brunch where I set out my fine china, hosting a party has always been fun for me!

Growing up I remember my parents hosting dinner parties all the time. They always seemed to have it all together...from the appetizers to the tablescape it was always done so nicely! So of course when my boys came around I knew that I would follow in their footsteps when it came to a party.  Since Jack was born I've hosted 2 baptism parties (Graham's) and 3 birthday parties (Graham's First, Jack's 3rd). The fourth one would have been Jacks 2nd birthday party, the invitations went out, the decor had been purchased but then our little Grahamy decided to come 3 weeks early and the party was canceled!

There are a few things that I like to do with each party I've hosted. I like to keep some aspects of it simple. I don't go overboard with food, usually a cake to match the theme and a few snacks for the kids. If it is during a meal time (both baptisms) we ordered BBQ from the local restaurant and had all the fixings with it.  This cut down significantly on how much time was spent in the kitchen! I set everything out (minus the food)  before we left for church and was able to pull the food out when we got home. This eliminated a bunch of standing around and waiting to eat. For the birthday parties we have had either just cake or cake and easy things like goldfish, cheese-its, some fruit. Nothing over the top because I have learned that most people do not even eat at a kids party! Except for the cake...I always take the adults into consideration when ordering the cake, it's my favorite part of a party and something I don't want to not enjoy!

As far as party favors, I don't like to send anyone home with "stuff". We all know that extra stuff just gets in the way and ends up being thrown out 99% of the time. I love to have sugar cookies made to match the theme of the party for my guests to take home and enjoy! And bonus, there is nothing for your kids to break 30 seconds after getting in the car!

When it comes to the decor for my parties, I try to keep it simple! For the baptisms some pretty floral arrangements, a framed invitation, and maybe a few pictures of the child being baptized. For the birthday parties I like to get a banner that coordinates with the theme and tells how old the child is. I also like to get balloons that coordinate. I usually try and decorate the cake table and that's about it! I did have picnic tables set out for Jacks 3rd birthday party and I topped them with a disposable table cloth and a big firetruck! I also had fire hats for each of the kids to take with them!

Lastly, one of my favorite parts of planning a party is choosing the invitation. As soon as I decide on a theme I will immediately start looking for the perfect invitation. In the past I have always mailed out my invitations. However, with the way technology is these days, sending one out via email seems so practical and helpful! I can RSVP right away and don't have to worry about losing the paper invite.
Paperless Post is a great website for finding and sending any kind of invitation. Paperless Post offers a variety of cards from wedding Invitations, birthday parties, baby showers and much more! They feature many awesome designers (Kate Spade, Oscar de la Renta, Jonathan Adler etc.) Along with the option to send electronically there are several cards that can be printed and sent via the mail! I just love that you have so many options!

I really love the variety of cards you can choose from. I've created 2 birthday invitations for the boys as well as a baptism invitation. These would be delivered to your email inbox and when you open them they even come in an envelope! There is also the paper option, like I mentioned above. The best of both worlds!

I hope that these tips were helpful and that you can put them to use in your party planning future!! 

This post was written in collaboration with Paperless Post. I only work with companies that I believe in and will use for myself and my family! 

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  1. I die over that pumpkin themed party!! So muchn fun and adorable! I love hosting friends and throwing parties. I wish my hubby felt the same way. :)

  2. Your parties look so adorable - I love all the decorations and the banners. The cakes / cookies are definitely the show stoppers - they both look SO delicious!

  3. I love these party themes! You do a great job of making them look beautiful while still keeping them simple :-)

  4. These are great ideas. I love the idea of ordering food to bring into the house. I have made food the last two birthday parties for the girls and it is so much work. Love the idea of sugar cookies as favors. You can't go wrong with that.

  5. Your parties look great and I love the cookies as favors! The invitations you created are super cute too.

  6. Girl, yes on the sugar cookies! I have done that for all of Walker's parties and only didn't do it for Knox's because it was outside and they would've I sent the kids home with sidewalk chalk since I knew it would get used! I only send home stuff like that; I loathe the Oriental Trading bag-o-crap I get at some parties. And yes to the catering: best decision ever for parties!

  7. Such great tips! I love that you said keep the food simple and order out to avoid too much time in the kitchen - amen!!!! Love all the sweet details you had especially the cookie favors! Genius!